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Lucknow to soon witness ‘basement tourism’ at Chhattar Manzil

It is no secret that Lucknow is one of India’s most historically rich cities. Home to many magnificent monuments, the city is a tourist and heritage lover’s paradise. People from across the globe love to visit Lucknow to relive its glorious past and soon they will have the chance to witness a new chapter in […]

An old painting of Chhatar Manzil palace at Lucknow, India. Lucknow was the capital of princely state of Awadh (Oudh) which became a part of United Provinces under the British rule. Later, the state was renamed as Uttar Pradesh

Pari Khana: The Hub of Cultural Activities during the Nawabi Reign

Lucknow was considered the cultural capital of northern India during the Nawabi era. The Nawabs used to enjoy the traditional Ghazals and Nazms sung by accomplished singers in their courtrooms and reputed Kathak dancers are said to have impressed the Nawabs with their artistic dance moves. With their appealing grace and charm, the courtesans, who […]

Bidri and Zarbuland: The Fascinating Metallic Art

The charm and richness of the heritage of the historic city of Lucknow have been the characteristic of the city since ages. The royal culture, cuisine and craft, all deserve a special mention for being the highlight of the city. During all these years, Lucknow has not only carried the lineage forward but has also […]

The Majestic Kothis of Lucknow

The architecture of Lucknow city has won world-wide recognition and fame for the city. The place is rich in cultural and architectural heritage so much so that it has become an intrinsic partof the city and its people. The regal charm of Lucknow is fuelled by the royal construction and architecture that gives the city […]

Lucknow and its Fondness for Paan

When we think of the life and the times of the Nawabs, we tend to imagine the palatial and grandiose monuments, the extravagant lifestyles, Nawabs in intricately designed royal attires enjoying the classical art forms with elaborate arrangements for Paan. The imagery is incomplete without Paan, which is the betel leaf, packed with some aromatic […]

Picture of a paandaan

The Famous Lakhnawi Tehzeeb and Nafasat 1

Tehzeeb (mannerisms) and Nafasat (sophistication) can be said to be the true exponents of the world-renowned Lakhnawi culture. Lucknow city and its people have always been identified by the immense respect (adab) that they give each other. The natives of Lucknow or the true Lakhnawi are known to be well-mannered, who would treat everyone with […]