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Mushairas and Lucknow city 1

In today’s world, people have numerous entertainment options to choose from. Right from excursion trips to picnics, movies to discos, the choices are numerous and wide-ranging. However, in the olden times, entertainment was all about social gatherings or Mehfils that were organised with Urdu poetry recitations and Ghazal renditions for amusement. The “Mehfils” gave birth […]

Kabutarbaazi and Cock-Fighting – The Royal Sports of the Nawabs of Lucknow

The Nawabs of Lucknow led a supremely luxurious life, the traces of which are very much evident in the Lucknawi culture. The Nawabi lifestyle was replete with royalty, grandeur, class and utmost luxury where amusement and entertainment occupied the top most spot. Kabutarbaazi (pigeon racing) and Cock- fighting are two such leisure sports that were […]

The Growing Mall Culture in Lucknow

Going for an outing to enjoy the typical Awadhi shaam (evening) doing nothing but window shopping in the Victorian walkways of Hazratganj or ‘Ganjing” as it is popularly known  is like a custom in Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. For long, Hazratganj has been one of the favoured destinations for the evening walks through the marketplace. However, in the […]

Picture of the Sahara Ganj Mall Lucknow

Picture of the Sahara Ganj Mall Lucknow

The Various Malls of Lucknow

The city of Nawabs, Lucknow is experiencing a paradigm shift in the lifestyle and buying behaviour of the people owing to the growing number of malls in the city. Just like the other metro cities of India, Lucknow is not keeping behind as far as mall culture goes. In fact the shopping spree of Lucknowites […]

The Exuberance of Jamghat in Lucknow  

With no televisions, internet, and video games for leisure, the people of Lucknow are believed to have indulged in kite flying, cock fighting, shatranj (chess) and kancha (marbles) as common pastimes during the days of the Nawabs. The charm of these activities is still alive in the hearts of proud Lakhnawis who seem to be […]

Beat the Heat in the Water Parks of Lucknow

  Lucknow city, better known as “Baghon aur Nawabon ka sheher” (the city of gardens and Nawabs), boasts of some of the most sprawling gardens of the country. The glorious gardens that were located within the palace complexes of the Nawabs with fruit trees, flowing water fountains, and fragrant flowers have made the city famous […]