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Seven Things You Should Know About Lucknow

Prevent Culture Shock! Seven Things You Should Know About Lucknow And Its People! Ask any Lucknowite what they miss the most about the city and they are likely to whip out a long list. Getting used to the different dialects and comparing everything you eat to the taste back home (especially if you are a […]

Picture of Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow by the night

Where to buy Chikan suits and Kurtas in Lucknow?

Lucknow city, famous for its Chikankari—the exclusive and intricate form of hand embroidery native to the city and very close to the hearts of Lucknowites—is a shopping haven in the truest sense. Admired the world over, the art that has adorned every section of the fashion world is freely available here in all shapes and […]

The Gharara Culture of Lucknow

  Ones’ attire speaks volumes about his personality, fashion sense and attitude. Clothing is one of the most imperative necessities of human race that is subject to continuous revamp, development and new seasonal trends. Different parts of the world have diverse clothing styles but some types of apparels have a rich lineage behind them to […]

Pari Khana: The Hub of Cultural Activities during the Nawabi Reign

Lucknow was considered the cultural capital of northern India during the Nawabi era. The Nawabs used to enjoy the traditional Ghazals and Nazms sung by accomplished singers in their courtrooms and reputed Kathak dancers are said to have impressed the Nawabs with their artistic dance moves. With their appealing grace and charm, the courtesans, who […]

Mushairas and Lucknow city 1

In today’s world, people have numerous entertainment options to choose from. Right from excursion trips to picnics, movies to discos, the choices are numerous and wide-ranging. However, in the olden times, entertainment was all about social gatherings or Mehfils that were organised with Urdu poetry recitations and Ghazal renditions for amusement. The “Mehfils” gave birth […]


Lucknow city has a history of Mughal and Nawabi dominance which was predominantly Muslim. It is interesting to note that the Nawabs of Awadh too, followed the style of Akbar, the secular Mughal King, to place their trust in the Hindus for a solid foundation to their empire. The Nawabs are said to have raised and […]

Kabutarbaazi and Cock-Fighting – The Royal Sports of the Nawabs of Lucknow

The Nawabs of Lucknow led a supremely luxurious life, the traces of which are very much evident in the Lucknawi culture. The Nawabi lifestyle was replete with royalty, grandeur, class and utmost luxury where amusement and entertainment occupied the top most spot. Kabutarbaazi (pigeon racing) and Cock- fighting are two such leisure sports that were […]

The Exuberance of Jamghat in Lucknow  

With no televisions, internet, and video games for leisure, the people of Lucknow are believed to have indulged in kite flying, cock fighting, shatranj (chess) and kancha (marbles) as common pastimes during the days of the Nawabs. The charm of these activities is still alive in the hearts of proud Lakhnawis who seem to be […]

Baagho’n ka Shehar Lucknow

Lucknow is indeed a beautiful city with a unique Awadhi touch that reflects upon everything right from its architecture, culture, tehzeeb and even parks and gardens. You will find a certain characteristic grandeur attached to most of the parks of the city that serve as apt destinations for excursions. The evenings of Awadh—as Lucknow was […]