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Chikankari: The Nitty-gritty

Chikankari is a beautiful and intriguing art. It has a rich legacy attached to it and has been mesmerizing people all over the world for years. The more you know about this craft, the more you will be able to understand and appreciate it. Chikankari has six basic stitches and over thirty-five other stitches that are used in combination depending on […]

The Gharara Culture of Lucknow

  Ones’ attire speaks volumes about his personality, fashion sense and attitude. Clothing is one of the most imperative necessities of human race that is subject to continuous revamp, development and new seasonal trends. Different parts of the world have diverse clothing styles but some types of apparels have a rich lineage behind them to […]

Bidri and Zarbuland: The Fascinating Metallic Art

The charm and richness of the heritage of the historic city of Lucknow have been the characteristic of the city since ages. The royal culture, cuisine and craft, all deserve a special mention for being the highlight of the city. During all these years, Lucknow has not only carried the lineage forward but has also […]

Zardozi of Lucknow – An exquisite embellishment

Lucknow has achieved the feat of being a city that scores well on four pertinent C’s: Culture, Cuisine, Craft and Creativity. Lucknow has garnered attention for being a city that has been either the hometown or thriving ground for a number of factors, be it the sophisticated culture, the craft of Chikankari and Zardozi, the […]

A picture of zardozi artisans at work in lucknow

Picture of pottery work on roadside display at Lucknow.

Chinhat Pottery- The exquisite art of pottery making 1

In India, pottery making is an art common to almost every part of the country. Every state has its own unique art of pottery making be it the “Blue Pottery” of Rajasthan, the “Terracotta” of Madhya Pradesh or the “Chinhat Pottery” of Uttar Pradesh. Every form of pottery is uniquely creative and unequivocally beautiful as […]

Adorn your Persona with Exquisite Chikankari of Lucknow

Chikankari of Lucknow All of us inadvertently tend to form opinions about a stranger based predominantly on his dressing style and sense. The way you dress up surely speaks volumes about your personality. Branded clothes do have their own appeal, but the presence of some form of indigenous craft in clothing has its own charm. The […]

A picture of a chikan kurta with heavy work.