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Bus & railway stations in Lucknow set for a revamp

Public transport is one of the most crucial aspects of any city. It is the lifeline that binds a city together and Lucknow undoubtedly being one of the busiest cities in UP is no different. Unfortunately, despite being such a basic requirement, public transport infrastructure in the city hasn’t been improving at the required pace but things […]

Picture of the Charbagh Railway Station at Lucknow.

Picture of the Charbagh Railway Station at Lucknow.

Welcome to the City of Nawabs: The Captivating Charbagh Railway Station

Lucknow, rightly called “Bagho’n ka Shehar” boasts of many localities having been suffixed “bagh” (Urdu for garden). Though not many of those baghs remain, the city continues to remember those places by the name of the baghs that had been. Charbagh, a locality towards the south of Lucknow, was known for the four gardens that […]