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Lucknow And The World’s Largest Selfie!

Lucknow and the World’s Largest Selfie It is no news that selfies are a big rage nowadays. A self portrait photograph taken from an angle, which is usually above a person’s height, has become one of the latest trends in social media. Selfie enthusiasts love to click and post some truly astonishing to outrageous selfies. […]

Picture of Belgiam Photographer - Hans Roels.

St. Francis College – Premier Educational Institution in Lucknow for Boys

The St. Francis College is a premier boys-only senior secondary private school situated at Shahnajaf Road in Hazratganj. The institution is more than 125 years old and exudes immense charm of Anglo architectural finesse. The college was established by the Catholic Diocese of Lucknow, which is a charitable religious organization. The institution was founded in […]

Premier CBSE Board Institutions in Lucknow

Lucknow, the hub of learning and education, can be credited with having produced some of the finest brains in the field of medicine, engineering, research, computer technology, administration and so on since ages. The presence of top grade national level educational institutions such as King George Medical College, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Central Drug […]

Picture of Christmas Eve decoration at the Cathedral Lucknow

An aerial picture of La Martiniere girls college at khursheed-manzil lucknow

The Royal Khursheed Manzil

The historical monuments of a city convey a lot about its past rulers and their favorite architectural patterns. The uniqueness of the monuments built in Lucknow under the reign of the Nawabs is that most of them integrated the use of lakhauri (flat bricks), urad chana dal (pulses) and chunam (lime mortar) in the construction […]

The St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Lucknow city and Lucknowites seem to take pride in the Nawabi influence on their culture and mannerisms. The city folks tend to accept and practice the secular nature of the Nawabs, a testimonial of which can be seen in the form of visitors from all castes and religions who visit the Cathedral, undoubtedly the largest […]

A picture of St. Joseph's Cathedral at Lucknow

Picture of the Constantia-La-martinere-lucknow

Constantia House: Enduring the tests of time

  Since the British period, Lucknow has been home to one of the finest schools and colleges in India. Even today, Lucknow acts as a hub of education and research with a number of premier educational institutions being located in and around the city. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh has enjoyed the privilege of […]