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The Gumbads, Mehrabs and MInaars of Lucknow.

Lucknow is so Famous, but Why?

Lucknow, the second largest city in Uttar Pradesh has been a favourite among tourists from all across the globe. Food enthusiasts and history lovers in particular find it hard to resist the charm of this beautiful city. The city offers a rare experience to travelers and explorers. On one hand, it is the political hub […]

Chota Imambada at lucknow

Picture of a temple on Gomti River in Lucknow

The Famous Temples of Lucknow

In the words of a Lakhnawi, “Lucknow city continues to amaze despite the astonishing number of years I have spent here!” You can never judge the predominant religion of Lucknow. The city loves to celebrate all the festivals irrespective of the religion. Lucknow is home to some of the famous Mosques, imposing Churches, stately Gurudwaras […]

The Majestic Kothis of Lucknow

The architecture of Lucknow city has won world-wide recognition and fame for the city. The place is rich in cultural and architectural heritage so much so that it has become an intrinsic partof the city and its people. The regal charm of Lucknow is fuelled by the royal construction and architecture that gives the city […]

picture of jama masjid at lucknow

The Majestic Appeal of Jama Masjid in Lucknow

      Ancient legacy, culture and rich customs glorify the charm of a particular place. Indian cities such as Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, and Lucknow have a rich past and glorious culture. The historical monuments of a city present an insight into the wonderful past of these places. The Char Minar in Hyderabad, Hawa Mahal […]

The Royal Khursheed Manzil

The historical monuments of a city convey a lot about its past rulers and their favorite architectural patterns. The uniqueness of the monuments built in Lucknow under the reign of the Nawabs is that most of them integrated the use of lakhauri (flat bricks), urad chana dal (pulses) and chunam (lime mortar) in the construction […]

An aerial picture of La Martiniere girls college at khursheed-manzil lucknow

Picture of the Administrative building (built in 1909 A.D.) at king george's medical university, Lucknow.

King George’s Medical University – Lucknow’s Pride 1

The King George’s Medical University of Lucknow is among the elite medical colleges of India and has made a place for itself among the best medical colleges of Asia. It has been the pioneer in providing top class medical services to the people of the country. The architectural brilliance of the campus coupled with the old world charm […]

Architectural Delight of Jama Masjid Lucknow

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, houses many structures and monuments of historic significance and architectural brilliance– Bara Imambara, Residency, Roomi Darwaza and Safed Baradari, to name a few. Hidden and camouflaged in the densely inhabited area, the splendid look of the Jama Masjid speaks volumes of architectural finesse bearing hints of the beautiful Turkish architecture. […]

picture of jama masjid at lucknow

Satkhanda-An unfinished heritage at Husainabad Lucknow

The Past Glory of Satkhanda – A Heritage Monument

The fine subtlety and grandeur of the historical monuments built by the Nawabs of Lucknow, coupled with the glorious past of the city have influenced many historians and writers to acknowledge Lucknow as the “Constantinople of the East.” The old city area of Lucknow is replete with historical monuments so much so that it seems […]

Christ Church, Lucknow    

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs can be said to be the city with the most secular sentiments, culture and heritage in Uttar Pradesh. The secular mentality has been deeply ingrained in the Lakhnawis since the times of the Nawabs, who even introduced a uniform code of dressing and greeting for the true Lakhnawi aawaam (public). Lucknow […]

Picture of Christ Church at hazratganj in lucknow

Picture of Dilkusha kothi at lucknow

Dilkusha Kothi: Remnants of the Past

The Dilkusha Kothi, also known as the “English House’’ or the “Vilayati Kothi’’ is a historical monument located on the banks of the river Gomti. The once splendid kothi, is in ruins today and the monument is only known for the garden area, called the Dilkusha Gardens being used for various social events. But heritage […]