Christmas Season in Lucknow

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Christmas is finally here and the festivities have begun in truly Lucknawi fashion! Lucknow immerses itself completely in any festival it celebrates. Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December worldwide as the birthday of Jesus, and is one of the most important festivals in Christianity. Christmas, this year has the entire city decorated in red and white colors, depicting liveliness, festivity and joyous ambience. The festival is also about the delicious cakes and pastries and if you happen to be a fan of such delicacies then Christmas is your holiday to enjoy some of the best offerings as bakeries all over the city offer discounts and great deals on Christmas cakes, pastries and related festivities. Christmas brings a lot of excitement and fun for the kids as they love to see the dressed-up Santa in the markets. The characteristic red caps and masks, which are available in shops during Christams, are loved by children who finds it amusing and exhilarating to dress up as cute little Santa Claus.


People exchange gifts during the festival and sometimes dress up as Santa Claus to add to the cheerfulness. Santa Claus or simply Santa is a mythological figure in history that, according to Western traditions, brought presents for the well behaved children on Christmas Eve, which is the evening before Christmas. Santa is popularly portrayed as a chubby, gleeful, portly man with a big white colored beard, most often wearing spectacles and a bright red coat with fluffy white cuffs and collar coupled with bright red trousers also white cuffed, held by a black leather belt and matching black boots and carrying a bag full of presents for children. It is a fun way for parents and relatives to bring gifts for their kids in a festive spirit. Kids keep their wishes written on a paper as it is believed that Santa reads all of these wishes and brings gifts for the children.

Secret Santa!

Secret Santa has become one of the most popular games associated with Christmas. Playing Secret Santa (which is also called Kris Kringle in Europe) is an easy and delightful way in which friends, family members or colleagues can participate in gift giving.

Secret Santa game is a simple yet intriguing concept. The game starts with writing names of all the participants on small papers and placed in a hat or a bowl. The chits are then shuffled and each participant picks one name randomly from the pool and do not have to reveal the name written on the piece of paper which they have picked. The participant will now have to buy a suitable gift for the person whose name was drawn from the pool.

So, all the participants are now each other’s Secret Santas! While wrapping the gifts, the Secret Santa will label the gift with the recipient’s name without revealing their identity to the person receiving the gift. (As the most fun aspect of Secret Santa is its secrecy)

After labelling, all the family members gather together and all the gifts are then presented. Everyone collects their gifts and then open them together when the time arrives. The members open their surprise gifts and try to guess their Secret Santa. If the recipients are wrong, their Secret Santas will then reveal their identity. The game is a truly unique and a fun way to bond as a group in festive spirit.


Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December and its festivities also mark the beginning of the fun that leads to the New Year. The celebrations that commence with the festival concludes with a new hope , a new year to look forward to. Christmas is celebrated with a lot of fun and entertainment with people having a gala time worldwide. The city of Nawabs also witness festivities and fun that engulf the entire city and makes the scenario cheerful. Lucknow with all its magnificent churches and cathedrals is illuminated in Christmas lights and festive spirits, bringing out the best of the city in addition to the cool December weather further making it a remarkable experience for Lucknowites.


We at wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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