Daily Archives: November 27, 2015

Diwali In Lucknow

Diwali Celebration in Lucknow Celebrating Diwali with family and friends bring special moments and memories to cherish, especially for those who are staying abroad or out of Lucknow. Diwali brings them an opportunity to return home for a much needed vacation. Lucknow is unlike anything else on Diwali. The five day festival signifies the victory […]

Picture of Belgiam Photographer - Hans Roels.

Lucknow And The World’s Largest Selfie!

Lucknow and the World’s Largest Selfie It is no news that selfies are a big rage nowadays. A self portrait photograph taken from an angle, which is usually above a person’s height, has become one of the latest trends in social media. Selfie enthusiasts love to click and post some truly astonishing to outrageous selfies. […]