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The Royal Khursheed Manzil

The historical monuments of a city convey a lot about its past rulers and their favorite architectural patterns. The uniqueness of the monuments built in Lucknow under the reign of the Nawabs is that most of them integrated the use of lakhauri (flat bricks), urad chana dal (pulses) and chunam (lime mortar) in the construction […]

An aerial picture of La Martiniere girls college at khursheed-manzil lucknow

 The Notable Shayars of Lucknow

Urdu poetry or Shayari depicts creativity at its best. It is a beautiful, emotive form of writing that involves a lot of imagination and creativity laced with knowledge and command over Urdu language. The writing finds its origin in the Arabic and Persian language. Shayari has been a medium to vent out the deepest of […]