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GPO Lucknow – Connecting People since decades… 2

  All Lucknowites would be familiar with the famous GPO ke Dahi Badey that have been a part of Lucknow since long. The General Post Office or the GPO in Lucknow is better known for the Dahi Badey Wala than for the work that is carried out there. The building that was known as Ring […]

Picture of GPO Lucknow

Picture of Safed baradari at Lucknow

Safed Baradari 1

It doesn’t come as a surprise to Lucknowites if they say that there is a wedding being solemnized at some venue in Kaiserbagh and pat comes the question – “Is it at the Safed Baradari?” Such is the fascination for the magnificent white structure that stands tall among the other historical monuments in the Kaiserbagh […]

Constantia House: Enduring the tests of time

  Since the British period, Lucknow has been home to one of the finest schools and colleges in India. Even today, Lucknow acts as a hub of education and research with a number of premier educational institutions being located in and around the city. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh has enjoyed the privilege of […]

Picture of the Constantia-La-martinere-lucknow